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Activities & Projects

AUB Small Talk Debate on Censorship

Censorship, an act of forced control on media and culture, continuously limits yet provokes our creative discipline.

Local censoring mechanisms are multi-faceted, from the political, the moral to the religious, and extend to multiple levels of our everyday expression. These set limitations, justifiable or not, dictate what we see, say, or make. Yet in their resistance, they create a possibility for challenge and provocation, both being fundamental for our creative work. In a world of unlimited freedom, can creative expression remain provocative? Can censoring play anymore a real prohibiting role in our widely connected world? In Small Talk, censorship will be debated, whether negatively or positively, through its cultural, visual and spatial manifestations.


Ayman Mhanna – Executive director, SKeyes - Mamnou3 webseries
Semaan Khawam – Graffiti artist, poet
Mona El-Hallak – Architect, preservation activist

Monday, December 3, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Architecture and Design Department | ALH - American University of Beirut | Lower Campus

Small Talk is organized by the Architecture and Design Department and the Talk20 Lecture Committee at AUB. Small Talk is an informal lecture series, aiming at provoking local discussion around a specific theme. Three speakers from several local and creative disciplines present and reflect on the specified theme through the short format of 30x30 (30 slides or images, 30 seconds each). An informal talk moderated by a student group will follow the presentations.

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