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Activities & Projects

Beirut Spring Festival - Tania Saleh - Chababeek Beirut
May 26, 2013 - 9:00 PM - Samir Kassir Square, downtown Beirut

Tania Saleh will perform her third album material for the first time exclusively at the Beirut Spring Festival.

Tania's lyrics have always been able to express the reality of the Arab youth in a simple everyday dialect and never short of dark humor. Her musical style can't really be defined because of its continuous evolution towards an unexpected form, challenging herself again and again to deliver new sounds. Her influences are so eclectic ranging from the Egyptian "tarab" and the Lebanese "mawwal" to folk, funk, gospel, alternative rock and jazz, not to mention French singers/songwriters of the past century.

"Shababeek Beirut" is a romantic trip with a totally new sound unlike anything Tania has done before. Grounded in her Lebanese roots and mixing Arabic tunes with electronic and acoustic sounds, this work offers a new musical dimension, new melodic elements with long instrumental parts and vocal scats redefining Tania's influence on the Arabic music of our modern times. The performance will be accompanied by a visual projection of her illustration work.
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