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Activities & Projects

Beirut Spring Festival: Salt and Blood
Rap Concert with Nasser Deen Al Touffar, Sayed Darwish, and Hello PsychAleppo - Lebanon /Syria
June 7, 2014, 9 P.M.  Samir Kassir Square

Nasser Deen Al Touffar is a Lebanese rapper from Ain Baalbeck. He started his career working on the album “Asshâb El Ard” (Owners of the Land) with the Touffar band. Some believe the album has contributed in revolutionizing the Lebanese alternative music. He then produced several solos and songs with other artists tackling social and political issues that individuals, generations or even society as a whole suffer from on a daily basis. Al Touffar expresses clearly his political views in his songs without insinuation. He sings for freedom in its various forms (workers and women’s rights, freedom of thought and belief and the right of people to get rid of all sorts of oppressive regimes).
He will present his show “Blood and Salt” during the closing ceremony of the Beirut Spring Festival. Nasser Deen chose a young Syrian rapper, known as Sayed Darwish, to accompany him, and together they will perform a duet, which undeniably carries all the pain of young Arabs.
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