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Activities & Projects

Beirut Spring Festival: Voices of Hostages
Open Discussion 
A tribute to reporters risking their lives to tell the truth.
Guests: Susan Dabbous (Italian) and Magnus Falkehed (Swedish)
Moderator: Alexander Rowell (Great Britain)
June 5, 2014, 6 P.M. Dawawine – Saifi - Gemmayze

Syria has become the world’s most dangerous place for journalists. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, no less than 65 journalists were killed and 30 others, from all over the world, have been kidnapped. All sides to the conflict have detained journalists and reporters and tried to prevent them from telling the world the suffering of the Syrian people.
The Samir Kassir Foundation is proud to organize an intimate discussion with international reporters who experienced kidnapping. These journalists have displayed courage and determination facing life-threatening risks and tremendous psychological pressure. They are today back on the field in many of the world’s hot spots to assert their belief in freedom of information.
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