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Activities & Projects

Large-scale multi-disciplinary sound and light show. Directed and created by Yvan Caracalla
June 6, 9:00 PM
Martyrs’ Square – Downtown Beirut

The heart of Beirut, Martyrs’ Square, the An-Nahar building and all the surrounding buildings will be covered by an unprecedented glitz. Thousands of lights and images will be projected to commemorate Samir Kassir’s legacy and celebrate Beirut.
Lights and images will create new horizons for hope in a Square that witnessed Lebanon’s darkest moments and most glorious days. The show will emphasize the struggle for freedom, humanist values and progressive thinking that have defined Beirut over the years.
It will allow people to rediscover their capital; the events that marked its history and what influenced Samir Kassir’s political and intellectual endeavors.
Several Lebanese, Arab and international artists will take part in the show, created and conceived by Ivan Caracalla, to embody the unique cross-cultural nature of both Samir Kassir and the Beirut Spring Festival. In addition to the lights and images, the show will include live musical and stage performances.
The lights of that night will spread across the entire city. The show will send the message that the flame of liberty will forever shine over Beirut and through each person and institution that embrace Samir Kassir’s memory.

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