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Activities & Projects

SKeyes Training Workshop: Open Source Intelligence in Journalism
The SKeyes Center is organizing a two-day training workshop on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in Journalism, Wednesday May 21 and Thursday May 22, 2014, (from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM) at the Monroe Hotel, Ain el-Mraisseh, Beirut. The workshop is open to professional journalists and bloggers and will be led by Sebastian Kraus, investigative journalist at Journalism++, specialized in OSINT.

OSINT refers to techniques and methods of collecting publicly available data and has become an essential tool for successful economic and strategic intelligence in the private sector. The workshop will help journalists working in Lebanon use OSINT tools when covering corruption and conflict of interest issues in the Lebanese political and business sectors.

This event is supported by the French embassy in Lebanon and the European Union.

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