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Activities & Projects

Samir Kassir in Movies
May 9, 5:30 PM
Salle Montaigne – Institut français du Liban –

Premiere of Liana Kassir’s movie dedicated to her father.

Short movies by Talal Khoury and Greta Naufal

Prominent filmmakers and writers paid tribute to Samir Kassir shortly after his assassination. Their documentaries and short movies shed light on Samir Kassir’s vision, career, personal life and political values. Each movie captured aspects of Samir Kassir’s ideas and personality that the general public may have not known. 
The Beirut Spring Festival will feature two short movies that were produced and broadcast in the months following Samir Kassir’s assassination, including but not limited to: 

•"Tulipe Noire" (video art) by the artist Gretta Nawfal. 
        • "Monday" by the filmmaker Talal Khoury.

The Beirut Spring Festival will also feature a world premiere: a tribute to Samir Kassir by his own daughter and young filmmaker Liana Kassir, presented for the first time on the occasion of the tenth commemoration.

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