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Activities & Projects

The Beirut Ideas – France in the Arab world and the Arab world in France
 May 13, 3:00 PM 
Salle Montaigne, Institut français du Liban 

As described in Samir Kassir and Farouk Mardam-Bey’s book “Itinéraires de Paris à Jérusalem” (Itineraries from Paris to Jerusalem), France and the Arab world have had a deep, intricate and multi-layered history, marked by partnership, knowledge and mistrust. Samir Kassir, also a French national, was a well-heard voice in French media and political circles and served as a strong ambassador for the Arab people’s dreams of freedom and democracy. The panel will discuss the state of the French-Arab ties today and in the coming years.

Panel discussion with Karim Emile Bitar (National Center for Scientific Research – Lebanon/France), François Burgat (IFPO – France), and Patrice Paoli (Ambassador – France). Moderated by Noor Akl (Future TV – Lebanon).

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