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Activities & Projects

The Beirut Ideas – Healing memories, building the future
May 5, 6:30 PM
USJ Campus de l’Innovation et du Sport

Without coming to terms with its past, a society cannot build its future. Drawing from the experiences of many countries that established mechanisms to deal with memory, such as Spain, Chile and Northern Ireland, this panel will look at what has not been done in Lebanon and the results of the political choice of amnesty and amnesia. The debate will also shed light on measures that can be established to ensure that post-conflict Syria can undergo a sustainable truth and reconciliation process.

Panel discussion with Ziyad Baroud (former Minister – Lebanon), Josefina Cuesta Bustillo (University of Salamanca – Spain), Luciano Fouillioux (Memory Museum, National Human Rights Institute – Chile) and Jane Morrice (Vice-President of the European Economic and Social Council, former Deputy-Speaker of the Northern Irish Parliament – UK). Moderated by Carmen Abou Jaoudé (International Center for Transitional Justice – Lebanon).

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