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The Beirut Ideas – Telling the Syrian story to the international public opinion
 6:30 PM
Part II 

Despite more than 200,000 deaths and one of the largest displacement crises in the world, the international public opinion has not demonstrated the same level of interest in the Syrian war than other previous conflicts. At the same time, the Syrian conflict has been widely covered in books, articles and reports, many of which won prestigious awards. The international public’s focus seems limited to the rise of radical Islamism in Syria and to the plight of kidnapped western journalists. The panel will discuss why the Syrian story is not resonating enough and what other channels to shed light on the tragedy are still available. 

Panel discussion with Daniel Beaulieu (Syria Deeply – Canada), Leila Nachawati Rego (Syria Untold – Syria/Spain), Christoph Reuter (Der Spiegel – Germany) and James Sadri (The Syria Campaign – UK). Moderated by Alex Rowell (NOW Media – UK).