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Beirut Spring Festival
The Beirut Spring Festival

"The Beirut Spring Festival", created and launched in 2009 by the Samir Kassir Foundation, is inspired by the title of one of the last articles written by Samir Kassir, shortly before his assassination in 2005.

This event, targeting the broad general public, is unique both in its concept and program.
The goals of the Festival and its particular character have generated such a warm welcome from the public.

- The Festival is the first of its kind in Beirut.

- The Festival features multidisciplinary international performances (theater, music, dance, conferences...) revolving around the themes of tolerance and cultural diversity, especially in societies facing violence and injustice.

- The Festival features exclusive one-night performances scheduled over a week in different venues across Beirut.

- The Festival supports contemporary art creation and energizes Lebanon’s cultural and artistic life, built on the belief that art is the ultimate way to tolerance.

- The Festivals thrives on the young generation’s interest in maintaining ties with the vision and thoughts of Samir Kassir.

- The free admission to the Festival provided all categories of the Lebanese society with unrestricted access to original, non commercial art works.

This festival has grown thanks to the financial and moral support of friends, sponsors and especially the civil society.
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